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Photography has never been a more dominant and embedded part of contemporary culture than it is now. The Internet, digital technology and social media have amplified our ability to connect and build communities, and sharing and communication of images has facilitated an exponential growth in picture capture and digital distribution.

NEWFOTOSCAPES seeks to navigate the evolving topography surrounding the image in the twenty-first century; offering a focused eye on the contemporary creative author-curator and image-maker and on the possibilities afforded by an increasingly complex professional landscape. Jonathan Shaw advocates a new way of thinking about photographic production and education in a post-digital era.

NEWFOTOSCAPES is a collection of curated texts arising from a series of in-depth conversations with key stakeholders in, and influential commentators on, photography; including Andy Adams (Flakphoto), David Campbell, Charlotte Cotton, Dónall Curtin, Nathaniel Pitt, Mishka Henner, Francis Hodgson, Dewi Lewis, Stephen Mayes and Katrina Sluis. Perspectives and views cover a wide range of topics such as; agencies, appropriation, archives, community, curation, governance, licensing, mobile, networked-image, open education, photobooks, power and value.

In the spirit of today’s mobile and connected world NEWFOTOSCAPES will be simultaneously available on the web under a Creative Commons license and versioned in online, eBook and Print formats.



The NEWFOTOSCAPES project has been realised with the support of a GRAIN research partnership in collaboration with Coventry University and Jonathan Shaw.

Many thanks to the following collaborators for their time, input and invaluable contribution to the project.
Andy Adams
David Campbell
Charlotte Cotton
Donal Curtin
Mishka Henner
Francis Hodgson
Dewi Lewis
Stephen Mayes
Nathaniel Pitt
Katrina Sluis

Special thanks to:
Gary Hall
Shaun Hides
Karen Newman
Richard Pearce

Project Team:
Nicky Connor; Research Assistant
Ross Varney; Research Assistant
Mark Murphy; Surely? Creative Design


Jonathan Shaw

Jonathan is Co-Director of the Disruptive Media Learning Lab and Associate Head of Media Department (Innovation, Profile & Research) at Coventry University. As a photographer, his work has been published alongside photographic pioneers such as Muybridge and Edgerton. He has been described as being part of an early generation of artists responsible for the emergence of a new school of photography which blurs the boundaries between the still and moving image.

Jonathan led the team which pioneered free and open photography educational resources at Coventry University; co-founding the classes picbod.org & phonar.org now accessed by thousands of people worldwide; the apps he developed have been called groundbreaking; the Photographic Mediations collection he curated on iTunesU had in excess of a million listens. As an Adobe Education Leader, Jonathan forms part of their worldwide community championing creativity in education. He was awarded a Direct Fellowship of Royal Photographic Society (RPS) for his achievements in the field of photography, and a Fellowship of the RSA, in recognition for his work in Photography education practices.


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Welcome to the NEWFOTOSCAPES.


The impetus for the NEWFOTOSCAPES encounters, Catalysts are the present questions that occupy each collaborator, having guided their current thinking, research and practice. Catalysts can be filtered by theme allowing the community to navigate through and across each encounter, encouraging intersections of contextual relevance.

Pre-publication curated transcripts resulting from each discussion with the NEWFOTOSCAPES collaborators. Encounters can be explored directly or via Catalysts and Antennae.

Where might the ideas and questions raised during the NEWFOTOSCAPES encounters lead us in terms of a future artistic and professional practice, what further questions might arise and how might we continue these conversations?

Find out more about NEWFOTOSCAPES here.