On the unbound book: academic publishing in the age of the infinite archive

“Developments in electronic publishing contain at least the potential for us to perceive the book as something that is not completely fixed, stable and unified, with definite limits and clear material edges, but as liquid and living, open to being continually and collaboratively written, edited, annotated, critiqued, updated, shared, supplemented, revised, re-ordered, reiterated and reimagined. So much so that, as some have indeed suggested, perhaps soon we will no longer call such things books at all, e- or otherwise.”

Hall, G. (2013) On the unbound book: academic publishing in the age of the infinite archive. Journal of Visual Culture, volume 12 (3): 490-507 [pdf online] Available from https://curve.coventry.ac.uk/open/items/42c3c4f2-c91d-4eb2-a25d-9e1391bc15a4/1/ [Accessed April 2014]

View original context in the Jonathan Shaw encounter.

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