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Samuel James

“Samuel James is a photographer, writer and teacher from Cincinnati, Ohio, whose work studies people and place.”

James, Samuel. 2014. Samuel James. About. [online] Available from: [Accessed 24 March 2014] 

Money for the Taking in the Niger Delta Swamps

“The long battle between residents of the delta and the major oil companies piqued the interest of Samuel James, a photographer who had documented youth gangs in the slums of Lagos, Nigeria, in 2008. He was awarded a grant through VII Photo Agency to continue his photo series “Area Boys,” which allowed him to develop close relationships with the youths.”

Richardson, Whitney. February 2013. New York Times. Lens. Money for the Taking in the Niger Delta Swamps. [online] Available from: [Accessed 24 March 2014]

Jonathan Worth

‘Jonathan works from London and New York as a freelance commercial photographer. His work has appeared in numerous publications and exhibitions, most recently on permanent collection at the National Portrait Gallery. His work developing new and sustainable working practices has won acclaim from a wide audience, as have his lectures; both on his work, and on levering the social web.’

Jonathan Worth. Worth Jonathan. 2014. Home page. [online] Available from: [Accessed 19 November 2013]


New Photographics

Jonathan Worth’s notes on photography and open teaching. 

“Here’s a task:  Please sum up Open and Connected Learning in a paragraph for instructors entirely new to the concept.”

Worth, Jonathan. October 2013. New Photographics. Open and Connected Teaching and learning in a paragraph.
[online] Available from: [Accessed 24 March 2014]

Gary Knight: Journal

Collected thoughts and resources around Photography and the Media.

Knight, Gary. 2013. Gary Knight: Journal. [online] Available from [Accessed 01 April 2014]

Gary Knight

Gary Knight is co-founder and principle architect of the VII photo agency and Director of the Program for Narrative and Documentary Practice, Institute for Global Leadership, Tufts University.

Knight, Gary. 2014. Gary Knight Photographer. Home. [online]
Available from: [Accessed 24 March 2014]


Everyday Africa

‘Everyday Africa is a collection of daily life images from across the continent, focusing on the mundane and the familiar. As journalists who have lived or spent significant amounts of time on the continent, we find the extreme not nearly as prevalent as the everyday.’

Everyday Africa. 01 April 2014 [online] Available from:  [Accessed 01 April 2014]


The New Yorker: Everyday Africa Takes Over Instagram

‘This week, the photo collective Everyday Africa, a project focussing on images of daily life in Africa, will be posting to The New YorkerInstagram feed. Nine photographers across the continent, from Mali to Kenya, are contributing.’

Lokke, Maria. January 28 2013. The New Yorker. Everyday Africa Takes Over Instagram. [online] Available from: [Accessed 01 April 2014]

War and Photography

The question of why photographers cover war is revisited. Video interviews featuring Gary Knight, Tim Hetherington, and Ashley Gilbertson.

Filmed on 22 May 2009 at VII Gallery, Brooklyn Dispatches. 2009. youtube. Rethink Dispatches. Available from [Accessed 01 April 2014]


RESTREPO is a feature-length documentary that chronicles the deployment of a platoon of U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan’s Korengal Valley Co-directed by Sebastian Junger and Tim Hetherington.

“The war in Afghanistan has become highly politicized, but soldiers rarely take part in that discussion. Our intention was to capture the experience of combat, boredom and fear through the eyes of the soldiers themselves.”

Restrepo (2009).[online] Available at
<> [Accessed 09 May 2014]

Tim Hetherington

Tim Hetherington: Photographer, human rights advocate, journalist, filmmaker, communicator

Tim Hetherington. (2012) [online] Available from [Accessed 19 November 2013]

The future of photo journalism

“Members of the VII photo agency were in London this week to give a talk at the Frontline Club. We were there and we’ll bring you a video from the event tomorrow. While they were here though we took the opportunity to catch up with VII’s CEO Stephen Mayes and ask him a few questions about the agency and the changing face of photo journalism. “

May 2012. Stephen Mayes on the future of photo journalism
[online] Available from
<> [Accessed 20.57 18. March 2013]

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Restoring Relevence to Photo Journalism Competitions

“Stephen Mayes is managing director of VII Photo Agency and Co-Secretary to the International Jury at World Press Photo Foundation. He has argued that as photojournalists adjust to a changing marketplace, photojournalism competitions need to expand the kind of work they honor. As the annual awards season approached, PDN contacted Mayes for his thoughts on how news photo competitions should evolve.”

Walker, David. JANUARY 10, 2011. Photo District News.
Q&A Stephen Mayes on restoring Relevance to Photo Journalism Competitions [online] Available from
<> [Accessed 20.56 18.March 2013]

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Stephen Mayes on the Changing Future of Photography

“In a fascinating interview with Image Source Art Director Stephanie Cabrera, Photography expert Stephen Mayes explores the work of photo-journalist Tim Hetherington, the wider impact of stock imagery and the rapidly changing future of Photography”

Image Source. January 2014. Photo Expert Stephen Mayes on the Changing Future of Photography.
[online] Available from
<> [Accessed April 14]

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How to thrive online

Net Smart: How to thrive online. Cyberculture expert Howard Rheingold shows us how to use social media intelligently, humanely, and, above all, mindfully.

Rhiengold, Howard. 2014. Net Smart. [online] Available from
<>[Accessed April 14]

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Fred Ritchin

Fred Ritchin is Professor of Photography and Imaging at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.

Pixel Press. 2011. Fred Ritchin. [online] Available from
<> [Accessed April 2014]

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Photographs Are No Longer Things, They’re Experiences

“To say that digital cameras have profoundly changed photography is both true and cliché. But few of the regurgitaters of the idea can tell you exactly how. Stephen Mayes, director of VII Photo Agency, is one of those few.”

Brook, Pete. 15 November 2012. Raw File. WIRED.
Photographs Are No Longer Things, They’re Experiences [online] Available from:
<> [Accessed 21 May 2013 18:14]

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Why social media is a dangerous concept

“There is a hidden danger in the term social media.  It is dangerous because its name implies it can deliver all the benefits of media, but now with the added engagement opportunities that come with being social.  Media gives us scale, social gives us engagement – put the two together and we can now do engagement at scale.  Fantastic!”

Stacey, Richard. 2013. Richard Stacey. Why Social Media is a Dangerous Concept.
[online] Available from
<> [Accessed April 2014]

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Abundant Photography: the misleading metaphor of the image flood

“The metaphor of a flood of images drowning us all has become commonplace in photographic commentary, another of the many conventional wisdoms that shape how we understand contemporary image making and its challenges.”

Campbell, David. (2013) Abundant Photography: the misleading metaphor of the image flood.
[online] Available From
<> [Accessed 17 November 2013]

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James Nachtwey

‘Photojournalist James Nachtwey is considered by many to be the greatest war photographer of recent decades”.

Friend, David. 2013. The Black Slab: appreciation for James Nachtwey’s Inferno). The Digital Journalist [online] Available From
<> [Accessed 04 November 2013]

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Nikon Symposium – Stephen Mayes on Smartphones

“Global Voices: Photography in the 21st Century”. NIKON SYMPOSIUM, Tokyo, 14-15 June 2013.

STEPHEN MAYES. NIKON SYMPOSIUM, Tokyo, June 2013. Stephen on Smartphones [online] Available from <> [Accessed 17 March 2014]

Nikon Symposium Day 2 Video [Accessed April 2014]

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VII was created in 2001 by seven of the world’s leading photojournalists and by 2005 VII was listed in third position in American Photo’s “100 Most Important People in Photography.”

VII (2013) Photographers. [online] Available From
<> [Accessed 17 November 2013]


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The impetus for the NEWFOTOSCAPES encounters, Catalysts are the present questions that occupy each collaborator, having guided their current thinking, research and practice. Catalysts can be filtered by theme allowing the community to navigate through and across each encounter, encouraging intersections of contextual relevance.

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